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Big hotel rooms for big families!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

familyAre you tired of searching on hotel booking engines to see the familiar message ‘Maximum capacity exceeded’!

Hotel owners seem to think that families who travel only have two children maximum, so their family room facilities are sufficient, how wrong can they be?  Us larger families don’t want to have to book two rooms so that it makes a simple one night stay twice as expensive, as well as have the added convenience of being separated.  That is the reason I created Room For 5, so that bigger families can find these elusive family rooms quickly and easily.  Find your big family hotel room now at 

Large families visting Disney World, Disneyland or Eurodisney!

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Disney hotels for big familiesWhat do you think of when you think of Disney?  I think of children, families & fun! Disney is the epitome of children and families so why is it so difficult for bigger families of 5 or more to find hotels to accommodate them?

Nowadays families do not conform to the stereotypical 2 adults and 2 children.  There are many families out there that consist of 5, 6, 7 and even more members.  With divorce at its highest level throughout the world, there are also many blended families out there that have gone for years easily finding hotel rooms for 3 or 4 to suddenlybeing  faced with the problem of needing a hotel room for 6 or more!

There are hotels in and around Disney World and Disneyland that can accommodate families of 5, 6 or more but in my opinion there are not enough and large families need to book well in advance to ensure a room/apartment/villa.  Leaving it to the last minute will lead to disappointment.  Unfortunately there are not as many options at Eurodisney so it is even more important to book early.

Will hotel chains eventually realise the need for bigger family accommodation or will big families always struggle to find rooms that are suitable for them?  Who knows?  Until they do however, Room For 5 will continually work hard to find these elusive rooms and you can find your hotel for 5, 6 or more in and around Disney World, Disneyland or Eurodisney quickly and easily by visiting