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Big family hotel rooms are scarce but do exist in Copenhagen!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
family room in copenhagen

Statue of The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen is a brilliant city to discover with children as it is almost child-sized itself.  Even though Copenhagen is the largest and most visited Scandinavian city, it is significantly smaller in comparison to other major European cities like Paris, Madrid & Rome.  One of the nicest things is that Copenhagen travel is so simple, it is a walkable city and Copenhagen tours can be completed in a day or two .  One of the richest cities in the world and boasting a high quality of life, the Danish capital is lively and charming.

Copenhagen is clean & safe, the locals all speak superb English and the transport system makes London’s look primitive in comparison. It usually makes the top five, if not the top spot, in those most liveable city’ lists.

And how, after all, could kids not be enchanted by a city that is symbolised by a little bronze mermaid and idolises her story’s creator, Hans Christian Andersen, as a national hero, not to mention the original Legoland!

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