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Phuket – Very accommodating for big families of 5, 6 or more!

Saturday, May 26th, 2012
big faily hotel patong beach

Patong Beach, Phuket

Ever fancied holidaying on the beautiful Island of Phuket, Thailand, but struggled to find accommodation large enough for your big family? Struggle no more! Room for 5 have searched the internet and listed hotels available in Phuket that can sleep 5 or more persons so you can find them at the click of a button! Find big family accommodation in Phuket!

So why visit Phuket? Well if the beautiful beaches aren’t enough to tempt you, then it’s rich history of colonial architecture, colourful temples and Chinese shrines might just tip you over the edge.

There is also lots to do for families!

family hotel phuket

Elephant Ride, Phuket

Why not take the kids on an elephant ride?  Trek on elephant back in the hills with panoramic views over Phuket Island. Meet some young elephants and see how they are trained.

Visit the Splash Jungle Water Park – Located inside West Sands Resort on Mai Khao Beach, this attraction was designed by the Canadian company Whitewater Industries – one of the world’s leading water equipment makers – with parks at Disneyland and SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida and thousands more.

Don’t miss the Phuket Aquarium + Butterfly Farm, kids will love the fascinating weirdness of the undersea world: cuttlefish hover like spaceships, razorfish look like sinking sticks, and the so-ugly-you-can’t-help-staring stonefish could go by no other name. The diverse selection includes eel, crab, shrimp, sharks, and fish that range from brilliantly coloured to the cleverly disguised.

For older kids (12 years and over), discover Phuket on an ATV, explore the countryside along natural tracks and paths through rubber plantations, forests and along rivers. Get to know the local forest workers, learn about the environment and discover local plants you never knew existed in this unspoiled environment.  White water rafting and Go Karting is also great for the older kids and parents:)

Whether you’re visiting Thailand for a relaxing beach holiday or a great family adventure holiday, surely Phuket is the place to go!