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Do you need a family room for 5, 6 or more in Alsace, France?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Room for 5 is delighted to add Strasbourg,  Murbach, Orbey, Kientzheim, Rouffach, Hagenthal-le-Bas, Le Hohwald, Husseren les Châteaux, Haguenau, Riquewihr, Eguisheim & Thann to its list of destinations that have accommodation to sleep a family of 5 or more!

Why not visit Strasbourg?  Stay at the Hotel Royal Lutetia, Hôtel de Bruxelles, Appartement “le New York”, East Hotel, Cap Europe Appart’Hotel or the Chambre D’Hotes St Fiorent all sleeping a family of 5 or more!

Or how about Haguenau? Stay at the Hotel Restaurant Les Pins

Fancy a touch of Luxury? How about the beautiful Château d’Isenbourg at Rouffach?

There is the Le Schaeferhof Maison d’hotes de Charme at Murbach which is great for relaxation.

Le Domaine de Basil has a bar, restaurant,  park with pond, playground, orchard & vegetable garden and a fenced area with pets so it’s great for children!

The Hotel L’Abbaye d’Alspach is a family run hotel in Kientzheim, they have a family suite  made up of 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, a living room and a balcony.

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Tourist Attractions for a family day out in Alsace, France (Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse etc)

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Here are a list of family attractions in Alsace, France for all the family to enjoy.

French Railway Museum

Situated in Mulhouse in Alsace, the Cité du Train [French Railway Museum] is the biggest railway museum in Europe. Recently renovated, the Cité du Train uses a vast animated area to present the main themes in the history of the railway, starting from magnificent locomotives and wagons. An audio-guided tour lets you discover the other part of this gigantic collection, from the first locomotive to modern day. Lively and spectacular.

Les Naiades Park

Les Naiades Park is a 2-hectare park, aquatic fauna and flora (theme: the water cycle), educational farm (theme: the life cycle), souvenir shop, catering for groups, snacks, picnic area.

The park at Ottrott (bronze medal for services rendered to tourism in 2002) occupies a two-hectare site. The former 19th century spinning mill restored since 1990 gives visitors a chance to experience an out-of-the-ordinary adventure on the theme of the WATER CYCLE.


Cigoland in Kintzheim is dedicated to Storks, the symbol of the Alsace region.  With more than 25 animal species, the park Storks and attractions, it is now a unique concept in Alsace center and offers a relaxing day for both young and old!

Monkey Mountain/La Montagne des Singes

Rustling in the leaves, chattering in a strange language of sounds and mimicry, chasing one another through the branches, the Barbary Macaques plunge you into their fascinating universe.
Over there a male is carrying a baby, on your left two females groom each other, to your right young monkeys are doing acrobatics over the pool. If you are lucky you might even see them dive into the water!
Monkey Mountain is more than 280 monkeys living in total freedom in 24 ha of forest and meadow.
Walking along the paths, you are transported into a different world through direct contact with the monkeys who don’t hesitate to come and take the popcorn, distributed at the entrance, from the palm of your hand.
Zoological Park

With some 1200 animals and 190 species, most of which are on the verge of extinction due to hunting or the disappearance of their natural habitat, Mulhouse”s Zoo is not only a great place for a day out but also aims to protect and conserve rare animal and plant species. The Zoo breeds animals and plants and carries out scientific research.

In addition to the varied fauna, there is also an exceptional collection of flora in the botanical gardens. Admire the different local and exotic plants that change with the seasons: you can see irises, dahlias, ferns, peonies, hemerocallis, hydrangea and many more.


The swimming center, Nautiland is located in Alsace, in the beautiful city of Haguenau 30km north of Strasbourg.

Garden of Butterflies/Jardins des Papillons

As you travel along the Alsatian Wine Route, taking in all the delicacies that each stop has to offer.  Take some time out between two of the most popular tourist villages – Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr – to come and feast your eyes on our fascinating colony of exotic butterflies living in a natural habitat of luxurious floral surroundings.  These gems of nature will accompany you on your tour and offer you an insight into the secret lives of some of the largest butterflies of Africa, Asia and America.

If you know of more attractions in Alsace for families please comment below:)

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