Room for 5 & Six Suitcase Travel – Helping Big Families Find Family Rooms!

Room for 5, with over 6000 hotels worldwide isn’t the only website that provides info on hotels with family rooms that can sleep big families of 5, 6, 7 or more, Six Suitcase Travel is a website also created by a mum having the same familiar accommodation problems.  Six Suitcase Travel provides information on hotels in the USA, Mexico & Canada whereas Room for 5 also has accommodation listed in the USA, UK & Europe as well as other countries.

Room for 5 Pro’s

  • Room for 5 has a search bar for very easy navigation, just input your city/town and click search!
  • Room for 5 provides info on hotels with all accommodation included, including rollaways. If the guest just wants somewhere to sleep very cheaply and doesn’t mind rollaways, that option is available to them.
  • There is also a search option near USA attractions, UK attractions, USA Airports, UK Airports, France attractions etc
  • The hotels are listed clearly with pictures and descriptions of the family room as well as a price per night (in low season) to give you an idea of cost.  Hotels that can accommodate more than 5 are marked clearly with the 5+ symbol
  • Booking are made direct with the hotels so there are no hidden charges or booking fees.

Room for 5 Cons

  • There is no review system so guests have to cross check with to see if the hotel will meet their standards.



Six Suitcase Travel Pro’s

  • The website has a review system where guests can place reviews of their hotel stays which is helpful to other guests.
  • They have a travel tips section which displays tips on travelling e.g   ‘Cook dinner in a crock pot to save money on vacation. Pack a crock pot, liners, dinnerware and food for a stress free dinner in your hotel.  Set up the crock pot before you leave in the morning. Later when you get back to your hotel room, you’ll be greeted with the great smell of a crowd pleasing meal.’
  • They only list hotels with permanent bedding, no rollaways
  • They also have details of cruise liners with accommodation for big families

Six Suitcase Travel Cons

  • The website is under going an overhaul so it’s not easy to find what you are looking for



Two very similar websites with two very similar aims, both are helping big families find accommodation that isn’t normally available to them and both are invaluable!

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